Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween y’all! What are you getting up to today? I bought that blue mask and went around scaring everyone in the house thinking I was hilarious. Hope you’re having fun too.


Hopelessly Devoted


My little heart skipped a beat when I was out exploring second hand stores with my Mum the other week and I stumbled across these.

Oh John <3

I used to want to be Sandy. Who wants to stitch me into some latex for Halloween?


Oh Hello There Stranger! Junk and Disorderly

Welcome, welcome!

After a long hiatus, I am finally ready to start writing again.

I’m so excited!

There have been so many changes over the past year, and you’ll most likely learn about each and every one of them over time as posts go up. I’ve got some hot fun finds up my sleeve, plans for some DIY’s and makeovers to share with you, and of course I’ll share a bunch of randomness that goes down in my everyday life.

To start off I want to share with you one of the biggest treasures I’ve found to date. You know me… treasure to me is anything ugly, beautiful, old, new, shiny, rusty, unique, crazy, sentimental…


This is a place I have wanted to visit for YEARS. I kid you not I would sit down south in Invercargill and whine about how badly I wanted to go to this store. Why? Just coz. I had a feeling it’d be the type of place I could easily get lost in and I was right. It’s a huge second hand store located at 18 Kawana St, Northcote, Auckland. Totally worth a visit! So without further ado, come get lost in the wonderful world that is Junk and Disorderly. P.S. Find them on Facebook.


IMG_20140908_152837 IMG_20140908_153028 IMG_20140908_231554 IMG_20140908_231707 IMG_20140908_231817 IMG_20140908_231914 IMG_20140908_232720 IMG_20140908_232511 IMG_20140908_232344 IMG_20140908_232151 IMG_20140908_232025 IMG_20140908_232804 IMG_20140908_232918 IMG_20140908_233238 IMG_20140908_233347 IMG_20140908_233547 IMG_20140908_233746 IMG_20140908_234035 IMG_20140908_234205 IMG_20140908_234340 IMG_20140908_234750 IMG_20140908_234640 IMG_20140908_234611

Do not be surprised if you see any of the above items pop up in photos of my home. Totally digging those colourful circular coat hooks. I have plans for them! I also spotted these things:


Remember me writing about wanting these bust vases?! Ooo weee!

And how about this vintage chair…


Look familiar?

Oh wait… I have that…


Of course, I couldn’t walk away from Junk and Disorderly empty handed. ¬†Fortunately for me, I happened to find something I instantly fell in love with. My favourite animal is a pig. Yes. A Pig… I have had a gorgeous empty frame for a while, and this little piggy seemed like the perfect addition to my art collection. (It’s actually a $4 gift tag. Ballin’ on a budget yo!)



Let Me Ask You This….

401946067_56e628e15fI know I keep disappearing. My bad. Let me give you a run down on why that would be…

1 – I have four children

2 – ¬†I work part time at a shoe store, part time for an Australian publishing company, part time for a Children’s Art organisation and part time for myself.

3 – I’ve just taken on full time studying working toward a Bachelor of Commerce.

4 – I’m still training and eating, bodybuilding style.

5 – Right now I am helping out some very close friends.

6 – I have a social life.

So now that you’ve been given a very brief rundown of what’s going on in my life, I hope you’ll cut me a little bit of slack if I do happen to disappear for periods of time this year.


Today I wanted to put out there, a question that’s been posed to me.

It’s actually homework…from my commercial law paper.

But I thought it was an interesting question and wanted to start a discussion with anyone and everyone who has as much geek in them as I do!

So are you ready?

Fellow debaters unite!

Here is the premise:

My law classmates and I have been stranded on a desert island. There are about 30 of us. We’re not interested in going anywhere, the plan is to stay put. What we want to do is establish a new society on this island. The challenge presented to us is to come up with TEN laws to govern this new society. What would they be?

So come on people, let me hear your thoughts :D What type of laws would you put in place when forming a new society? It can be just one… it can be every little thing you can think of. I’m interested in hearing peoples thoughts about this!