15 Ways To Display Your Art

1 – In the office. 

This is a photo of one of my favourite office spaces. I love the little note that says ‘Today I am excited about everything.’ The space is full of colour and has a great freshness and creative vibe to it. Many people neglect displaying art in the office but in my opinion this is one of the best places for it! It will inspire you and brighten up your work area. I absolutely love it when clients tell me this is where they’re displaying my art. It’s such a personal space.


2 – Blend It.

I’m not a minimalist type of person but I do thrive on order which is why this next image really grabs me. It’s laid back and busy but not cluttered. In among the books, the art work still manages to hold it’s own.


3 – Focal point above the bed.

I always have a piece above my own bed. It just works.


4 – A vertically hung set.

You know that space in your house you stare at and think ‘Hmmm, it could really do with something there.’ go ahead and try hanging some artwork there, one piece above the other.


5 – Floor to ceiling.

This look creates immediate impact and a more casual feel.


 6 – Balanced.

Rules are made to be broken. Lines and symmetry are usually what people go for when hanging artwork. Although this isn’t the traditional side by side hanging style, it is still balanced and follows the triangle rule. Is that an actual rule? I seem to think it is… but it probably has a better name than ‘the triangle rule’.  It also follows the  rule of odds, so I guess maybe we’re not breaking as many rules as we could. I personally enjoy having things a little mixed up and not so sterile.


7 – On the shelf.

Artwork doesn’t have to be hung on the wall! Simply displaying it leaning against something – the wall, a bookshelf, a chair is perfectly fine.


8 – Repeat

A ‘common thread’ is what ties most displays together. Here the pictures are obviously part of a set and all displayed in the same type of framing in a traditional square layout. This is basically following the rules summed up. It’s simple and effective.


9 – Washi tape frames.

Now we’re back to breaking the rules again! I ain’t mad at’cha. If you’re the relaxed, creative, ballin’ on a budget type, then this is a really great option. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give your home personality. Purchase affordable art that you love and get decorating!29632dd5ad7343c7f2f5ebb5d43a5f37

10 – On the mantle.

Ohhhh how I want a mantle! At our last house I had a mantle in my bedroom… my bedroom! It was beautiful, I may have hugged it on multiple occasions and I am forever sad that I had to leave it. If you have a mantle, don’t neglect it. Show it some love and lay some beautiful creations upon it to adorn.

11 – Over the couch.

Another prime example of neglected space.  It could be one piece, two pieces, three pieces or six. Display your favourites for all to see.


12 -  Going solo.

There is still something beautiful about a single framed piece of art claiming a space of it’s own.


13 – Above the shelving.

#7 brought to your attention the fact that art doesn’t have to be hung on the walls. Here is a great example of using the wall space above shelving to hang coordinating pieces of art.

14 – Gallery wall.

This is what we’re seeing the most nowadays. It lends it’s hand to those of us who are magpies and have an eclectic taste. The rule is, there are no rules. You can mix old with new, metal with wood, black with colour, and create an arrangement in any shape over the wall. I love seeing gallery walls with themes like women, love hearts or a person’s favourite things.


15 – Frame it!

This is a really fun idea. I kick myself every time I walk away from a great find. Spotting a gorgeous over sized ornate frame for $20 last year and not buying it is definitely one of the things I kick myself over. Get your hands on a large frame, find some smaller art works that fit within it and you’re done.e5fbc15986f41fa959a8ea5279f8d869


Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

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  • Shelley February 22, 2013, 7:24 pm

    Is it weird that I want to do all of these? Thank you for all the great ideas! Now, to find a gigantic frame like the one in idea 15.

    • Chavah Kinloch February 22, 2013, 8:44 pm

      No Shelley! That just makes me like you even more! I too want to be able to do all of these haha. Get your hunt on :D