spicy noodles

Traveling in Thailand whether you are waiting for your flight in a very cold airport or island hopping, the favorite, affordable, and handy snack or it could be a meal which you could readily get is the INSTA-NOODLES.

But a word of advice, beware with the kind of insta-noodles you are going to order.  In this place they raised the level of spiciness two times fold.

As one of our favorites snacks, we were nom-noming on it and thought this would be great thinking of how spicy-Philippine-insta-noodles tasted like.  . . . We thought wrong!

This noodle was unimaginably super spicy… our chilli manci experience was like childs play. And what makes it doubly worse, it tasted nowhere near as tasty as the chilli manci pancit.

man thinkingIt took us a while to get used to its spiciness and most especially the taste. So if ever you get that chance to grab a bowl of this spicy noodle treat make sure you have a glass err make that a pitcher of  any ice cold drink! ^_^ This insta-noodle gets a chilli rating of 6.


How Spicy Can Your Insta-noodles Get?!


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