Five Things I’m Loving Today

Wow, wow, wow is all I can say about this lineup! My jaw dropped with each and every one of these items and I had to share them with you immediately. See for yourself!

#1 – Dumbo Folding Bunk Bed:

Heck. Yes.  It’s like somebody out there actually cares about my lack of space but desperate need for more beds. This, is pure brilliance.

Buy Here: $3,200

#2 – The Growth Table:

How genius is this design? Both adults and children are able to indulge in creative moments at the one station. I can just imagine sitting with my kids for hours on end doing our projects! It is inevitable that any time the children see me bust out my gear, they follow suit. Having their own space ‘near’ me would keep them (and me!) quiet and productive.

Buy Here

#3 – The PackMax Duo:

I die.

Where have you been these past 10 years?! I want this bike, yesterday. Chuck my two littlies on the back while the rest of the tribe ride alongside as we cruise through the park to the farmers market to buy fresh supplies to stuff into my front basket? Don’t mind if I do! Argh! If only.

Buy Here: $1,850

#4 – The BiKN:

If you’re anything like me (chances are you are if you’re here!) you’re constantly misplacing your keys or your phone. The BiKN  ”a combination iPhone case, app and series of tags for tracking commonly lost items.” can be used for anything that you commonly misplace – including people. If you use it on your phone, the paging system will still work even if it’s powered off! I don’t have an iPhone but I thought the idea was too good to not be included in this post.

Buy Here: $120

#5 – The Water Soaked Knee Hockey Rink:

Yesssssss! Ok, so I am NOT a person who enjoys playing those games at the arcade/cinema’s but if the game isn’t one that includes pushing a lot of buttons but uses some other type of physical skill I might just give it a go. Air hockey, although I really do suck at it, is the one game that I will voluntarily play. Something about that game makes me giddy. It might just be the extra dose of air that blows on my face out of the holes on the table making me feel free and deluded…  Whatever, I’ll still give it a go. As for actual hockey and ice hockey… I have zero skills there and I have been known to give people *ahem my brother* black eyes when attempting to play.

Choosing to turn this game into a game you can play on your lawn while on a slippery surface, quite possibly the most hilarious game ever. Am I right, or am I right? Stuff the kids, it’s my turn!

Buy Here: $49.95

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