{IN}Design – Escaping to the Forest

Today I thought I’d share with you a snippet from my home, Jellybean‘s bedroom!!! I’d love to know what you think!

We decided on a gender neutral theme to dress the nursery when he was still in my tummy. And decided to go with the ‘owl’ theme and the colour ‘aqua’, as both can then be interpreted in a masculine or feminine way as the child grows. 


When Jellybean turned out to be a boy we then decided to add lots more blues, some oranges and the overall ‘forest’ theme. The grass rabbits are one of my favourite parts of the room, hubby purchased them for me the day Jellybean was born, and they’ll always be cherished by me!


Many of the pieces in the room were made by New Zealand’s Indie design community. I work a lot with artisan’s and it can be hard not to fall in love with all of their gorgeous wares. This week I bought the stag head from a designer here in Christchurch and I can’t wait to pop him up on the bedroom wall. What do you think? A bargain for only $45!!!


The lantern cloud above his bed is a popular idea, and really cheap and easy to orchestrate, I am proud of the number of friend’s who have been influenced by this idea after seeing it in this room!


We moved into this home a little over a year ago, and finally Jellybean’s room is beginning to feel ‘finished’. The only things left to change are the curtains and the wall colour. The wall colour has to wait for the EQC repairmen to come and fix a little bit of superficial damage from the earthquakes before it can change.


Link to the tutorial for the fabric pom poms

The curtains for me are a little bit tricky, only because I can’t decide what to do about the long skinny window, I know it would look amazing dressed with a roman blind, but I can’t decide whether to get a plain colour or a stripe. So they are staying put until I make a decision (and have the finances available for the change). Chances are the wall and curtains will change all at the same time!


How have you decorated your children’s bedrooms?

Have you blogged about them? Comment below with the links so I can come and take a peek!


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  • Chavah Kinloch April 17, 2013, 1:07 pm

    Hazel! You probably don’t know but I’ve had those grass rabbits on my wishlist for a while! One of my favourite products around :D I love the colours, the owls (really want the vase one) and rabbits… not to mention that eames rocking chair. Brilliant space!