Inside and Out: A Handy Tip About Lipstick

Hey guys! I’m so glad that you are joining me again this week for Inside and Out!!

 Today I’m going to share a little tip with you guys that some of you may already do on a daily basis, but I find really valuable. So recently, I got my March Starbox and really loved all of the products I received. Make sure you read all about it here! In my box, there was a bold, sparkly coral lipstick! I loved the color and think that it is just perfect for spring and summer, but I was frustrated that I would not get to wear it very often. For something so bold, you really have to “do up” the rest of your face, and my casual makeup would just look silly with something so prominent on my lips. Since I really loved the color, I decided to figure out an easy way to wear it on a daily basis.


Please excuse my unpainted nails…yikes!

All I do is apply a good bit of the lipstick to the side of my hand (where I also put my foundation to apply it), then use my finger to dab it carefully onto my lips. You could also use a small lipstick brush to do this, but I use my finger to make sure that I am not applying too much. It’s ok if you don’t get the lipstick to the edge of your lips, you can fix that in a sec!

Then you just need to find a nude lip gloss that you like. I use Avon’s Glazewear lip gloss and it works really well for this. It is a little more sticky than I typically like, but it helps hold the color in, so it’s all good! :) Now you will just apply the lipgloss like normal, making sure to even out the parts of your lip that you couldn’t get with your finger. If the color is still too bold, try dabbing your lips with a tissue, then reapplying your lipgloss.

Now, obviously this isn’t really something that you would want to do 3-4 times throughout the day, but if you are using a good lipstick, the color should hold for a few hours. Apply it in the morning with your regular makeup, throw both tubes into your purse, then reapply right after lunch and right before you head home! If I am only going out for a little bit, I will take only the lipgloss, then just use what is still left on the applicator!

**Please note: Doing this will ruin the applicator for your lipgloss. You may be able to rub out the color and use the applicator again for a different color, but it will definitely be stained. Try to find a cheap, nude gloss that works well for you, then you can have a few that you use with similar lipsticks. :)**

Also, make sure you head over to my blog and check out all my posts about makeup and a few about fashion! Leave comments with any questions or requests for future posts! Hearing from the readers is what makes blogging so fun! See you soon!


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