Six Things I’m Loving Today

1 - Kleenmaid Appliances:

First up I have to show you this new product that is literally going to make you call out to your partner and say “Check this out!”. I know this will happen because it’s exactly what I did, and with good reason…. Check this out! :P

elevator oven

This my friends is the Elevator Oven. Yes, an oven that elevates itself! Welcome to the future. It’s made of stainless steel and glass, has a front panel and touch control, and sits semi-flushed. Who here is renovating?! Take a moment to check out the rest of the products at Kleemaid Appliances, and allow me to point you in the direction of their built-in coffee machine. I may not drink coffee but I know this is seriously cool and I want one to use for my guests.

built in coffee machine

Elevator Oven: Buy Here
Built In Coffee Machine: Buy Here

2 – Hand Pen Holder:


I love all things slightly strange, my home houses many odd pieces. I’m especially fond of body parts, as warped as that may sound. Being constantly creative (and raising a tribe of even more creative children) I have a lot of stationery bits and bobs around. I know you all can relate! This hand is all kinds of wonderful and the fact that it’s magnetic too is just sheer brilliance.

Buy Here: $19.00

3 – Global Views Ostrich Side Table: Curators-Collection---The-Painted-House-Global-Views-Ostrich-Side-Table

It has feet!!! See, I really am obsessed with body parts. The torso I own, the vase with legs and creepy head sculpture that everyone finds hideous but I adore would surely prove my point. I’d be over the moon if I had a chance to add this iron side table to my collection.

Buy Here: $572.50

4 – Photo Switch Wedding Idea:


So I know I’m not getting married but I know I have readers that might be some day! This idea is for you.

I’ll tell you my tip for taking it an extra step too. Get your guests to take two photos of themselves. One for you to keep in your memories album and one for them to take home as a party favour.

See how simple, yet fantastic that is? You’re welcome. ;)

P.S. Just because I’m not getting married doesn’t mean I can’t use this in life. Truth be told, I throw a kick ass party. Also, a friend and I may have been given the nickname ‘rent-a-crowd’ because people… we are that much fun together. (And then I go home and live as a recluse for another 6 weeks weeks, it’s bliss.)


Image source


5 – TV Inspired Nesting Dolls:

Simpsons nesting dolls

Most people associate shame with someones delight in watching  a bit too much TV. I don’t. I love TV shows! They’re funny, thrilling, stupid, colourful and relatable. Of course they can be a distraction if you allow them to be but I see nothing wrong with sitting around and enjoying doing nothing, so long as you also have hobbies that involve not sitting around doing nothing for hours on end. This is just me. By no means does everyone have to agree with me. In fact I spent years without a TV as a tween/teen and I survived just fine.


This combines three of my loves. TV shows, nesting dolls and hand made creations. They’re created by San Francisco illustrator and designer Andy Stattmiller.

Find him here.

6 – Gummy Clones:


Have you figured out what these are yet?

They’re life size clones of you… made like a gummy bear.

It is strangely fantastic right?! For just $65 FabCafe perform a 3D body scan, then make a mold to look like you and turn you into a gummy bear.

Eat it!

(Well actually please don’t but this is still cool as heck.)

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  • Shelley March 16, 2013, 7:16 pm

    What fun things! I love the TV inspired nesting dolls, the hand pencil holder & even the life size gummy clones :)

    • Chavah Kinloch March 17, 2013, 7:36 pm

      They are aren’t they Shelley! I hope your art managed to arrive ok :)

      • Shelley March 18, 2013, 6:12 pm

        It did, Chavah & it’s even more wonderous than it looked on my computer screen, thank you :)