Mark It In Your Diary!


Special announcement. Stop the clock. *Gasp* I can barely believe it myself…

Guess what!

She’s back at it :D

I’m excited to announce that on the 6th February (Waitangi Day), at the Soundshell in Riverton, I will be taking part in what is going to be a big family day out. I’ve been invited to sell my art at the event and I’m really excited about it. At the end of last year I had told myself that I needed to get back out there and start selling my creations again. I had decided I would actually make an effort to participate in upcoming markets, so I began making plans on what I would need to do and then got to work on a few projects so that when opportunity knocked, I’d be ready to say yes. Definitely delighted that the knock came. Sometimes I just love how the universe works.

Seeing as I’m such a fan of events that are a little bit ‘different’ (not just events, anything really!) it feels great to have been able to confirm my interest in taking part when approached. The setting is beachside, with a fantastic huge playground next door and there will be live music from some really great talent going the entire time. Now here’s hoping for some great weather.

I don’t know much more at this stage but it sounds as though it will be a lot of fun. There will be some articles out in the papers about it, Southland locals keep an eye out. I’ll also keep you updated here.

So mark it in your diaries and bring the family out for some entertainment and come shop with me!


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