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I’m so behind on posts. It gets a little bit that way when I have something coming up, I go into ‘Artist mode’ and live in creative chaos until the deadline. I’m still dealing with children on school holidays as well as my ‘real world’ job (I got a great little job back in November!) and I’ve just started lifting some ridiculously heavy weights again so I am drained to the full extent of the meaning of the word. I have an article I must share and a giveaway for you readers, to come soon. This week is probably the peak of everything and life should quieten down ever so slightly by Sunday. At this point in time I think it’s highly likely that I will spend my entire Sunday sleeping.

I’ve been seeing articles in all the right places for the Riverton Soundshell Waitangi Day event, so here’s hoping it draws a friendly crowd. Don’t forget to pop on down and say hello if you’re local! I’m really friendly in real life and I’m always happy to meet readers :)

In the mean time, I shared it over on the Creating My Reality Facebook Page already but here’s my new ‘do’ if you missed it.

P.S. You’ll understand why I’m holding a bottle of sauce in that picture if you stop by the FB page.

tamari 009

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