The Next Home Renovation Project

After talking about wanting somewhere to store my projects and ‘treasures’ because my home has become over ridden with work for the past few months, I finally bit the bullet and started on creating a dedicated storage space.

As well as it being ANZAC day yesterday, it was also my 9 year wedding anniversary, so with our entire day together we decided to put some energy into transforming my teeny tiny space that used to be my art studio. This is everyone’s first ever glimpse at my art studio, sadly I never took any photos of it when I actually used it so this is all I can offer.

This is now my studio:

Actually, that’s my driveway and I’m crossing my fingers this good weather continues long enough for me to find somewhere to fit this in.

Now, I forgot to take proper ‘before’ photo’s I’m sorry but you’ll still get the gist from what I do have below:

How awesome is my new blue shelving? It used to be the same colour as the wall but my eldest two children painted it for me. I wanted hot pink but I didn’t have any so we worked with what we had and they got to choose from yellow or blue. Blue won obviously. They look great! My kids always ask if they can help on my projects so they were in heaven when I gave them free reign over these shelves.

This is the other side of the room.

These are the shelves I’ve been working on. I just added something a little extra this morning so I’ll post up another shot soon.

Andrew  painted the ceiling and began painting the room white, I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve for this little storage space (imagine a mini store) so hopefully come the other side of the weekend I’ll have some updated shots for you.

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