100 Reasons To Get In Shape


Alright… so this is actually a list that I wrote a long time ago. I had no intention of sharing it with anyone, at that time, BUT I know that I cannot be the only person in the world to have thoughts like this, so here I am… sharing my personal list of 100 reasons why *I* should whip myself into shape.

Be forewarned that I swear a lot and talk about some shallow stuff. I am only human.

100 Reasons To Get In Shape:

  1. To be able to sleep well at night
  2. To have sex standing up
  3. To kick  ass
  4. To get cut as a motherf**ker
  5. To scare people with my muscles
  6. To look good naked
  7. To wear lots and lots of dresses
  8. To buy a bikini and rock it
  9. Muscle burns fat. Muscle burns fat. Muscle burns fat.
  10. To never  feel puffed doing simple things
  11. To conquer chin ups & handstand push ups
  12. So no one realises I’ve got four kids
  13. To be more confident
  14. To have more energy
  15. To be the hot wife
  16. So I look awesome when I dance
  17. For the best before and after photos ever
  18. To look younger
  19. So I don’t think people are looking at me because I’m fat
  20. To not have to worry if my skirt is too short
  21. To show the children what a healthy lifestyle really is
  22. Because I love this
  23. To keep myself calm, focused, free of stress
  24. To inspire others
  25. So I can teach family how to do it right
  26. To always remember I am capable and not to be f*cked with
  27. To emphasise my awesome curves
  28. So I’m not scared to try new things
  29. So I can be proud of my story
  30. To look super hot on my 30th birthday
  31. To never weigh in triple digits ever again
  32. To be in a healthy weight range for my height
  33. To be tiny enough to be carried
  34. So I can hide in small places from the kids when we play games
  35. To be able to look at myself in photos
  36. So I can say my weight out loud
  37. So no one ever calls me fat again
  38. To never waste another day feeling like I’m not good enough
  39. To know I accomplished something extremely difficult
  40. To say ‘I am a bodybuilder’
  41. So when I tell people to do something in regards to health, they listen
  42. To get photos of myself doing cool shit
  43. Because training is therapeutic and makes the day right. So just go!
  44. To prove I don’t quit
  45. So people don’t recognise me
  46. To see the look of shock on someone’s face if they haven’t seen me in a while
  47.  To get asked how it’s done and tell them ‘By getting off your ass and working for it’
  48. To always be mentally strong
  49. So I can sit on someones shoulders
  50. To be able to jump high
  51. To not be ashamed of my body
  52. To not get judged when I walk into a clothing store to shop
  53. Because grease gives me headaches
  54. I don’t really enjoy the taste of junk food
  55. Because I really want ‘an iddy biddy waist and a round thing in your face’
  56. So when people talk about ‘healthy’, they look at me
  57. To love the run
  58. So I look hot in lingerie
  59. So that things that once seemed impossible are easy
  60. Because you work so hard
  61. Because you are strong
  62. Because it hurts your feelings that some people don’t think you have it in you.
  63. Because diabetes runs in the family
  64. So more people smile at you because you’re already smiling at them
  65. So I can go sky diving
  66. To not be scared of being over the maximum weight limit
  67. To be able to wear anything off the rack
  68. To fit into the middle seat of a car
  69. So someone can bench press me
  70. So I can do lots of pull ups
  71. To be in the best shape of my life while I’m still young enough to enjoy it
  72. So my ass looks amazing
  73. To have a low body fat percentage
  74. So my doctor looks at me in shock
  75. To earn a muscle photo shoot
  76. To be one third of a person I once was
  77. To out-lift almost everyone I meet
  78. Even better sex
  79. To be able to run for a long time
  80. To be fit enough to fight
  81. To know I can kick someone’s ass
  82. To feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment
  83. So people know I don’t talk shit
  84. So I never feel defeated
  85. To be even more flexible
  86. To be treated better because I look good (shallow)
  87. To have a flat stomach, no belly rolls please!!
  88. To get asked by strangers if I work out
  89. So that my goal is reached sooner rather than later
  90. Because others  have laughed at me thinking I can’t
  91. To have better skin
  92. Because good looking people get paid more (sad but true)
  93. So my outer appearance reflects who I have always been on the inside
  94. Because Arnie & Bruce Lee have inspired me to be the best
  95. So I am impressed by my own muscles
  96. So I can see my muscles working with each movement
  97. So I can take the kids to the playground and do cooler tricks than them
  98. So I can carry people around like it’s nothing
  99. Because it’s no fun feeling embarrassed at the beach
  100. To forget I ever had an injury

What are your reasons?! Add them to the comments below!

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