Get Ripped Or Die Trying

So here we are. I thought I’d share a brief update with you all.

I’m starting to see more muscle. Yay!!!


And just in case that’s too much for some people to handle… you know, anyone who’s sitting there thinking ewww, that’s gross or why do you want to look like a man?!! (Because there’s always one!)

This is me in a dress a few weeks ago.


Pretty sure men don’t curve like that.

I also have some great muscles coming in all through my thighs but the photo I have of that is a bit too up close and personal for me to share publicly. It amazed me to see though! I had no idea I had muscle coming through like it is, there.

 There’s not much more I have to say at this point other than I passed the 50kg lost mark and hit 51kg gone forever now.

Also, a few more friends have taken on their own journey to health and wellness. Yes, I see you! And I’m proud of you!! I’ve got your back. xx

One more thing… I apologise for the selfies but  it’s often the only way I can get a photo.

How are you doing with your journey? I know there are a few out there killing it! Shout out to my friend Anna who is beasting it up and makes it so fun to go out and eat real food together. I’m grateful for you!

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  • Anna May 20, 2013, 12:49 pm

    Aw thanks Chavah! You really are the inspiration that got me going with the whole strong is sexy thing. Here’s a muscly pic of me from the weekend:
    I won that event. Came out third overall.

    • Chavah Kinloch May 20, 2013, 2:08 pm

      You must be on such a high, Anna!!

      Wooo girl, look at you go :D So proud to be your inspiration!

  • Penny May 20, 2013, 1:08 pm

    Well done, I remember reading the beginings of your journey and being inspired as I started mine…and now as I have just passed my2 year anniversary at the gym, its an awesome feeling to have completely rebuilt my body since having the kids and in a way to have rebuilt a new life :) Awesome strength. looks great.

    • Chavah Kinloch May 20, 2013, 2:07 pm

      I am in awe of the things we have both accomplished Penny. I also remember you being there for me at the beginning of my journey, and being so inspired that you were making the positive changes in your life. Now look!!! Amazing. You deserve to be so proud. xxx