Kiwi Kids On Holiday

I mentioned in an earlier post that my eldest two children went on holiday to stay with their Grandparents in Kaeo. For those that have no idea where that is, it’s at the top of the North Island of NZ. We live at the bottom of the South Island of NZ.

I’ve had a few people ask to see photos, so here are the pictures that have been passed on to me. So glad the children got a chance to hang out and have some quality time with family. What more could you want! I also love that they got to experience so many fun ‘kiwi’ adventures. Fishing, swimming, museums, giant kauri trees, kayaking, hiking, road trips, drinking L & P, gathering fresh chicken eggs, staying in the country, playing with the neighbours. They enjoyed every last bit of it. I’m especially ecstatic that they got to catch their own fish for lunch. That is definitely going to be one of their favourite childhood memories. Their little faces just light up when the speak about it!

2013-01-07 20.01.36 (1)

First stop, Dennys in Auckland. Then on to the hotel.

2013-01-07 21.15.17

Enjoying a museum somewhere.



MatakoheVisiting Whangaroa.


Time for a hike. What a hill!


on way to top

Baby sharks.

baby sharks



at top

The gorgeous view.

Fishing Club

Kayaking!! For someone that hates deep water (me) I sure do love kayaking. Check out my little ladies boulders for shoulders.



IMG_0456Fishing at the wharf.




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