Surf To City 2013


The perfect way to spend the weekend. Trying something different, hanging out with friends and getting some exercise…  12km first thing in the morning that is.


The girl below in the black was awarded the number 666. She dressed it up with some butterfly wings :)


I had hoped that  by taking part in something like this, that I’d have some huge epiphany as to why people have such a strong desire to take part in half marathons/marathons. But uhh, nope! Still don’t understand why people love the run (I try to get it, I honesty do!) but I definitely had fun with the girls and spotting friends in the crowd. Parts of the walk were really peaceful and beautiful too. I hear some of the guys from Karate completed their run in 57 minutes. Amazing! Nutters :P … but if I could run long distances I’d probably have to win too haha. Maybe that’s what’s missing for me. Ability, lol. For now I’m just happy I survived it with no training and after such an incredibly hectic week. Big shout out to Rachel for putting the idea out there and inviting others to join her and her beautiful baby girl. Well done everyone!

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